Kennel Aussieligaen

First kennel in Denmark with qualifying score on Sheep, ducks and cattle!
(now 12 dogs) and to become WTCH!

First kennel in Denmark with qualifying score in
The Border Collie Herding Trial (No.6 & 9 to DM)

We breed Aussies for working and spare time.

NEWS : We got cattle
3 head of Hereford (expencive hobby)!
Then one of them got a calf and we had 4 cattle.
Then we borrowed a bull and we had 5 head of cattle.
And next we got a black/white cow and
had 7 head of cattle
Next year we'll have 4 calf´s, but we don't need so many,

See CHip/Shadow working stock on video here
See Ying working sheep for the 1th time here on this video

NEWS: July/August 07:

We got more titles on our dogs:

Hyrd.P WTCH JJ CHip . He got his Working Trial Championship!

Shadow OTDsd STDc (1 leg Open cattle). He won Open sheep/ducks!

Utzon STDscd (1 leg Open cattle/Sheep). He finish ducks

CHap STDcsd (1 leg ducks/cattle. He won started cattle!

Whitney STDs (1 leg sheep). Came second in started sheep

Marble STDs (1 leg sheep) with Nicole from Australia Congrats!!!!
Windy STDs with Gitte from Denmark Congrats!!!!
Tipi OTDs STDcd (1 leg ATD s) with Camilla Congrats!!!!

See photos here from the Trial in NL/D July/Aug 07

Stockdog titles:

STDd - Started Trial Dog - Ducks

STDs - Started Trial Dog - Sheep

STDc - Started Trial Dog - Cattle

OTDd - Open Trial Dog - Ducks

OTDs - Open Trial Dog - Sheep

OTDc - Open Trial Dog - Cattle

ATDd - Advanced Trial Dog - Ducks

ATDs - Advanced Trial Dog - Sheep

ATDc - Advanced Trial Dog - Cattle

WTCH - Working Trial Champion (Earned by achieving all three ATD Titles)

PATDs - Post Advanced Trial Dog - Sheep

PATDc - Post Advanced Trial Dog - Cattle

RD - Ranch Dog

RTDs - Ranch Trial Dog - Sheep

RTDc - Ranch Trial Dog - Cattle

See photo here from Trial May 07 in Holland CLICK HERE

Trial Germany July 06:

"CHip" won HIGH IN TRIAL Sheep (HIT) and Aussieligaen "Tipi" MOST PROMISSED STARTED AUSSIE.
Click photo to see more! Tipi is today the first Danich breed aussie to become WTCH! (breed by us)


Sep. 23.-24 06 CHip got no 9 out of 24 Border Collies to the Danish Mastership in herding.
Click photo to see more from the Event!

You can see our dogs by clicking on the basket "our dogs"
Or here on CHip, Shadow, Utzon, Talis, Tutsi, Whitney

See more of Dundé STDsdc by clicking here.

See more of HYRD.P WTCH JJ CHip clicking here.
I'm very happy to finish his WTCH!!!!!!!!

Dundé is 7 y.old before the first working trial in Europe.
CHip is only 9 m.old!
Kennel Ligaen are breeding "Aussies" which are suitable for work and leisure. All our dogs are tested on sheep, and in their descent are several American Stockdog Champions. The Aussie loves to work with stock, it is most content, when it is allowed to use it's shepherd instinct.Some Aussies have got enough strength and courage to tackle cattle. The puppies instinct, can be tested in an early age on ducks.
One of our puppy owners keeps dwarf rabbits in the lounge room and they try to get through the glass slidingdoor to get into another room. The owner constantly has to chase the rabbits away from the slidingdoor. The puppy saw this and in the first 2 -3 days, the puppy then started on it's own to keep the rabbits away from the door. The puppy was only 8 weeks old!
It is important for a sheepdog to learn it's "down" practice at an early age and to have the right leadership. We recommend you to go to puppy training. If you train your dog right the first couple of years, you will get a good dog for the next 10 - 15 years. We'll gladly in getting your dog trained.

I have breed working dogs the last 22 years. I started with German shepherds where I obtained high points and qualification to DM, in "The Danish Police Dogs Association", "The German Shepherd Club" and "Denmark's Civil Dog handler association". I'm educated as trainer, I have trained and breed some of the best service dogs here in Denmark. I'm still learning about herding, which it's new for me. I want to go to herding trials more often.

Our sheeps are mixed, this one got 4 lambs

Enjoy our PINTO-lambs.

We got gotlænder and saane also

To get started to work your dog, you need a roundpen or scarepen and some dogused sheep.

Next 4 photo's "Cot" is starting to learn.

You have to move yourself against the dog and away from the dog.

This is Ligaens Newflash Navajo "Ronja" 4 month. She's working fine the first time.

Click for ASCA Herding rulesClick for Danish herding rules Be a Shepherd your self!

Click on the IKONS to go for herding rules or play to be a shepherd!

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