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Big beautyfull male

Aussieligaen Shadow Honda OTDsd STDc (1 leg OPEN cattle)

Shadow also like agility and obedience

Shadow is a happy workingdog and a very good guarding watchdog! No burglary in private home!

In addition Shadow is willing to work! He's herding sheep, cattle and ducks and finish his working titles in Open class. Next level is ADVANCED
He loves to do obedience and agility also!

He is trained in agility this autumm by Julie 14 y.old.
Click to see his agilitysite with photos and video;

Inquirys to Kennel Aussieligaen

Australian Shepherd Male
Black Bi
+/- carrier of the MDR1 mutation
July 8 - 2004
long tail
Brown Cleared Jan. 2008 valid to 09
AA / 00
Kennel AussieLigaen

See 2 videos of Shadow on cattle & agility training
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Shadow won Open Sheep and Open Ducks Germany Aug.07

Click here to see all his herding results!

Who says a workingdog can't look nice?

Shadow is winning both in showing and trialing!

12.jan 2008 Show, Jugde Natalilja Nekrosiene. Result Open class:
1 kval, 1 konk, CK,
CERT, 1BHK, BIR . Kritikk: Almost 4 years. Good
Sixe & propotions. Good Scull. Enough strong muzzle. Rose ears,
a bit low sit on. Long & strong neck. Good Topline. Well ribbed chest.
Very well angulated in front/rear. Quite seldom color. Should be
more tight in elbows. Sidemovement with good drive.

13.jan 2008 Show, Open class: 1 kval, 1 konk, CK, CERT, 1BHK, BIM.

Jugde Evert Wieldraaijer, Nederland Kritikk: 4 year old, Very good type, nice head. dark eyes. Good teeth. Good carried small ears. Nice black coat. front and back enough angulation. Movement in front is too loose and wide.

Almost black! Own breeding. He's from our bicycle-litter and we wanted to have a solid color male for merle females. All his siblings was so good and as 9 m.old he's a bandit, real youngster and he's working all kind of stock: sheep, ducks and cattle. We just started obedience with him, and he's doing good. He's nice and calm, and all brother/sisters was working to the puppiemeeting at 6 m.old. Click here to see his siblings
Michael was training him and they were doing very well. Shadow have a natural distance to the stock and he's easy to work. Got his first working title July and Oct. 06 on sheep/ducks and 1 leg on cattle. More working photos on next page. He was late mature, but at 2 y.old he showed us his working ability. At 3 y.old he qualified in Open sheep/cattle in NL. The US judge wanted to buy him! Later in Germany (Aug.07) he won the OPEN class on sheep/ducks!

His offspring:

He sired his first litter in Norway 06. And he GOT 11 pups! Whau! One of them have allready won the BEST IN BREED PUPPIE and she won BIM 3 times, BIR 2 times and no. 4 in BIG!

2. Shadow has sired a litter in Sweden late Dec. 06: Also showing with fine result!
A malepup got BIB-pup with HP og BIS-pup 4.

Click on the photo to see all his pups

There were a litter in Norway at: Kennel Vokterens
and 1 litter in Sweden at:
Kennel Mazimas

Look for more info about Shadow on next page.
Puppies in Denmark

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Shadow Open Cattle Germany Aug. 07
Photocredit: Susanne Schwarzmann Austria

Dad: Hyrd. P WTCH CHip from JJ Ranch Holland

Looking for girls?

Open ducks JJ Ranch May 07

Open sheep JJ Ranch May 07

Mum: Ligaens Never Say Never Again "Nimbus"
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