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Aussieligaen Weeny Wallaby STDs


Out of 9 Pups

Den nye mor
Very intelligent! Very nice working instinc
and a lots of guarding to
Australian Shepherd Girl
Red merle with white/tan
+/- carrier of the MDR1 mutation
January 7th -2006
long tail
Kennel AussieLigaen

We had a puppietest at 7 weeks old done by Helle Marcuslund who trains Border collies in Norway. She pointed out this little girl as the best working pup in the litter! Thank you Helle! We didn't started her early because of a injury on the shoulder (hard play with adult dog in Norway), she got a operation when she was 8 m.old. She's now working fine! Some things in herding we just show her 2-3 times and she HAS GOT IT! She's a very fast learner and very intelligent/smart (She changed her name after Whitney Houston, she can sing specially if she's happy or excited)!
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HOF WTCH Pincie Creek Cowboy RD RTDc

Bearfoot Red Man Chew Rossy
Peters Ranch Like A Rocket
HOF Lightfoot Sis Of Pincie Creek STDscd

WTCH HOF Hangin' Tree Blue Bear CD RD RTDsc PATDsc
HOF DAM Slash V Bittersweet Sis STDcsd "Aggie"
Aussieligaen Rickitikitavis STDs

"Jacques" Prairie Liga

Las Rocosa Buddy Binarca
Phillips "Beckey"
Moon Rise Clock On Top "Cot"

Briarbooks Pole Position "Fletcher"
Backdrafts Raging Inferno "Siren"

Sire: HYRDP WTCH CHip from JJ Ranch in Holland
Click on photo to his site

grandmum: Moon Rise Clock On Top "Cot"

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