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Lille bonsai Turner

Aussieligaen Tutsi STDs

Out of 8 pups

Den nye mor
4 ½ y old.
Australian Shepherd
Red merle w hvidt/tan
16. December-2004
Long - Hips A/B
Kennel AussieLigaen
5. December 06
Camilla Andreasen

Tutsi is training by 11 y.old Camilla

Tutsi thought she was an ALFA allready when she was 7 weeks old, She had a very good puppietest, she thought she was the owner of everything! And could manage everything by her own!! She have some times no hearing (special technique to take her ears off). She didn't want to work with the sheep, until she saw her dad CHip bite a nose because the sheep didn't want to move. Then she wants to work! She is very cute because she's small (standard 46cm), her nickname is BONSAI or Turner and she loves kids. They can hug her and scrach her stomach for hours. She got her first workingtitle on sheep October 06. She have 8 siblings in all 4 colors: Trinity, Tin-Tin, Talisman, Trendy, Tara, Tipi, Tess. Look for T-litter or Click here:

1.Led 2. Led 3. Led
HYRD PR. WTCH CHip WTCH Pincie Creek Cowboy RD RTDc Bearfoot Red Man Chew Rossy
Peters Ranch Like A Rocket
Lightfoot Sis Of Pincie Creek WTCH HOF Hangin' Tree Blue Bear CD RD RTDSC PATDSC
HOF DAM Slash V Bittersweet Sis STDCSD
Moon Rise Clock On Top "Cot" Briarbooks Pole Position
Briarbooks Valedictorian "Victor"
Briarbooks Bundel of Joy
Backdrafts Raging Inferno "Siren" Bluegrass Bellisimo Macchiato
Carolinas Madabouto of Calais

Sire: HYRDP CHip ATDs from JJ Ranch in Holland
Click photo to his site

Tutsi have stolen Rickis pups (w-litter), she let them suck, she cleaned them and she got ALFA STATUS! But Tutsi was only 1 y.o. she didn't have any milk. Even it was very sweet, I had to carrie her out (speciel technique to loose her legs), so Ricki could have her babies back.

Look page 2 for working photos!

Dam: Moon Rise Clock On Top "COT"

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