Dog sport

We breed Aussies you can use for reel work or every kind of dogsport.
If it's Rally- Obedience- Agility- Frisbee- Seek- Heelwork- IPO- Herding- Trials!

Several of our dogs are doing very well in competions in differents kind of DOG SPORTs!
Our target group are puppibuyers who want to use their dog in sport or reel work on a farm, where it can be used what it's breed for. A indispensable helper in daily farmwork.

LP1 Aussieligaen Uniqe STDs "Marble".
Wins a lot in obedience 3 times in a row and got her first leg sheep in working trials (May-June 07). Click photo to see more!

LP1-2-3 DKLPCH RB RV Ligaens Never Ever Beaten Ninka has results who speaks for them selves The first aussie in DK to go to DM in LP1, 2 and 3! And selected for DM 4 years in a row!

DKLPCH RB RV Ligaens Never Ever Beaten Ninka is also doing Rally

See more obout agility by clicking here.

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Here are some of the dogs from our breeding program who have done an excellent job in training and competition with their owners...

Aussieligaen Tipi WTCH have not only done an excellent working trial in all 3 kind of stock, but also winning a lot in obedience and agility.

LP1 LP2 LP3 Aussieligaen Ragdoll (Raggie) are training for the Elite class. She have LP1, 2 and 3, she's A-dog in DCH and on the photo winner of the B-class with 183,55 point (enought to DM)! She went to DM also in A-Class. No. 3 to JM and SJM 07. She have a approve BHP and Nordic seach

Show: 1. price, BIR, BIG3
("She can do the catwalk")

See more of her on her own HP

One of the yougest liga-dogs: Aussieligaen Xako on 12 weeks, are already helping on the "farm" to move the cattle from one place to another. Gather the cattle when they are runing out! Keep the sheep away until the feed is ready (they can ran over you when you are coming with the feed).He's unbelievable! Specially because he's only 12 w.o. and done it since he came there at 9 w.old. What can he do when he's adult? A Working Champ in working trials?
I have breed working dogs the last 22 years. I started with German shepherds where I obtained high points and qualification to DM, in "The Danish Police Dogs Association", "The German Shepherd Club" and "Denmark's Civil Dog handler association". I'm educated as trainer, I have trained and breed some of the best service dogs here in Denmark. I'm still learning about herding, which it's new for me. I want to go to herding trials more often.

You can train a lot of different kind of dog sport with your aussie it you let it work independent.
But if you have to much eyecontact like seen in obedience, you can get trouble in herding, where it have to have his eyes on the stock.

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