Puppy Tips
Do something with your pup the first year, then you will get a good dog for many years.
When You Get The Pup Home:
Many things can be marked on the pup from the start, and that stays with the pup for the rest of it's life. There are 3 important things, that should already be taught to you pup in the first 14 days:they should be housetrained, how to be alone at home and the call in. You can easily train more things, but these are the most important,after that has been learnt it can be taught anything else, such as sit, down, and to go for a drive in the car, etc.
Tallis blue eyed girl Call In: This has to be started straight away, if you do it right from the start the pup will come every time you call. Go different places in the nature and hide, then call the pup. The pup is born with some instincts. We might as well use them, all dogs have them so they can survive in nature. Imagine a litter of pup, born in the wild, at a stage the pups are big enough to crawl outside to play and explore the surroundings. The mother of the pups is laying nearby to keep an eye on the pups. When the mother senses a danger, she will signal and hurry back into it's den. All the pups have this surviving instinct to follow the leader. The one's that do not follow the leader usually dies. The panic exercise is done many times, while the pup is young, if you do it right the pup will come every time you call it. What do in times of trouble, they usually call, sit down and look towards the pup. The pup does not see any reason to come in if you face it, always in a "call in" turn away from the pup and walk. If it has to come in quickly run away from the pup.
Home Alone: this should always be trained from the first day you take your pup home. It is tired from the trip home, and all the new smells. Go in to your neighbors for a cup of coffee. Train it a little every day, teach the pup to search/find small biscuit's and leave the house while searching. When it's finish it's mentally tired and full in the stomach. Now it isn't so bad to be alone. Opal & Olina
Leo little boy House Train in 3 Days: In the puppy book there are tips, how to get the puppy house trained quickly keep an eye on it in the first three days. Keep guard if necessary. My pups learns to go outside when they are 3 weeks old.
The puppies are taught at an early age to sit. It can be taught it's sit command, when you take a dog biscuit and hold it above the pups head. Carry it behind its head, which will make the pup sit down. Remember to give it the biscuit as a reward! When the pup has learned this - the pup will sit when you say, "sit", then you can go further to "down". From "sit" you can take the biscuit in front of the pup and lower it to the ground. It will bend its head to reach the biscuit, then you take your hand and the biscuit inn front of the pup. Don't say anything, the pup has to figurered out by him self how to open that hand. Of course you give the pup both the biscuit and praise, when the pups lie down.

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